Robert Cavanaugh

Director, Accreditation Coordinator and PDSO, Evergreen Academy

Robert has held the position of Director for Language Schools, since 2010, after more than twenty years of teaching and academic leadership experience in the United States of America and around the world. His love for teaching, learning, and his desire to engage students in their educational journey has fueled each and every decision of his career. Robert is authorized under federal U.S. law to enroll non-immigrant foreign students under F-1 and M-1 status. He has partnered with accredited universities and colleges so to offer opportunities for students that wish to continue onto higher education, and works with his curriculum design team to fit each student’s learning experience in the classroom, computer lab and beyond. Robert creates an environment in which the students develop their intellectual abilities and hone their professional skills. He provides student-focused services and small, interactive classes, allowing students, faculty, and staff to share unique perspectives and pursue knowledge together. 

Excellence, diversity, professionalism and consistency are the values he strives for and he is dedicated to continually improving with the newest pedagogical techniques and exploring new technologies to incorporate in classrooms. In addition, Robert manages and oversees testing which includes but is not limited to TOEFL iBT, Pearson VUE and Praxis test center, and has led three institutes to successfully achieve CEA (The Commission on English Language Accreditation) accreditation