John Johnston, Esq.

Attorney-at-Law, Principal of Johnston Law

John C. Johnston, Esq. is a highly experienced overseas investment strategist and corporate specialist on cross-border investments and international business expansions. He also has worked with numerous clients in corporate litigation, business formation and structure, corporate finance, government contracting, and intellectual property. After graduating from the Charleston School of Law with a Juris Doctor degree, Mr. Johnston co-founded JWP Energy, LLC, a waste-to-energy transformation company, where he serves as CEO and General Counsel. Additionally, Johnston serves as General Counsel for the Menehune Foundation, a non-profit Native Hawaiian Organization in Honolulu, Hawaii dedicated to improving financial literacy and environmental awareness in Native Hawaiian communities. 

Johnston has practiced his extensive knowledge in international business and immigration law through his overseas endeavors. As an attorney, Mr. Johnston has handled cases concerning Grenadian citizenship and E-2 visa processing, assisting families to immigrate to the U.S efficiently.  

In addition to his work with the Global Leadership International, a 501c3 corporation which manages its Leadership Development Institute in Kabul, Afghanistan, Johnston’s work with the GMPK has also made significant strides in the development of Afghanistan’s health services. In 2018, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Public Health signed an agreement with GMPK to establish a cancer treatment and research center in Kabul and treat approximately 3,000 cancer patients annually.
Johnston’s accomplishments in various areas of the world reflects his diverse skill portfolio and his strong interest in human and global development. Aside from his domestic and overseas work, Mr. Johnston enjoys spending time with his family and offshore fishing.