Jerome Dysktra

Life Skills Instructor

Mr. Jerry Dysktra is a gifted writer and teacher in Fairfax County, Virginia, with a passion to share his life experiences. With years of experience as a skilled Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Jerry now shares his talents with participants at ServiceSource, a non profit in Falls Church that facilitates services and partnerships that support people with disabilities, their families, their caregivers, and community members in order to build more inclusive communities. Topics he teaches include People Skills, How to Make Friends, and Setting Personal Goals. Many participants who are typically reserved shine in Jerry’s sessions. They communicate openly with their peers, asking questions and even getting up to speak in class. In 2019, he published his “Book of Life Lessons: 52 Life Enhancing Concepts Many People Have Never Been Taught”. For his inspiring efforts, Jerry was recognized at the 2018 Fairfax County Volunteer of the Year Award Ceremony later in April, and was commended by Congressman Gerald E. Connolly of Virginia.  

Mr. Dysktra has an MBA from Syracuse University and is an avid bike rider.